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Week 3

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Week 3 Reflection



     I completed the tasks assigned:


What did you think of them? What did you learn?


I liked and appreciated "Designing e-Learning for Maximum Motivation" the most. Ethan Edwards starts off with an important point that is "The goal of e-learning is to create meaningful performance change in the learner." His ideas regarding why motivation is so important seem to be accurate and integral to his arguments. I agree with his assumption that the “uniqueness of the animation or media is not enough” to motivate a learner.

The main theme that the “Learning Path” must be:

1)      Meaningful;

2)      Achievable;

3)      Appealing, and

4)      Convincing as a path to success!

Should be an important guideline in designing effective instruction.  

I valued the “Six Rules to Create Motivation” and saw how these could be implemented effectively in designs that I have created and worked on.

1)      Just Say Less

2)      Make the e-Learning More Challenging

3)      Delay Judgment

4)      Pack Content into Feedback      

5)      Create Levels of Difficulty

6)      Give More Control Over to Learners

I believe that this subject is crucial to understand and embrace as this encompasses the purpose of what we hope to achieve; effective instruction.


The “Accidental Instructional Designer” was a nice, simple reminiscing of the career path of Cammy Bean along with a few suggestions.  The presenter made a point about the true purpose of the design and that interactivity should be a part of the learning process in instructional design.


To be honest, I was annoyed by “Let Go and Replace Very Old LMSS That Do Not Support New Learners and Business Needs” and the speaker Ray Jimenez. He spoke fast and frequently repeated, “Type you answer in the chat” over and over. He did seem to be going over recent changes within the community, but I am aware of the fact that learning delivery should be developed for multi-platforms and other news in the field of instructional design.



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