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Week 2 Reflection (redirected from Week 2)

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Week 2 Reflection




I completed the tasks assigned:

  • Week 2 Materials - this page (please read before class to see if you have any questions.)
  • From Rapid E-Learning Blog
  • You may read/study any other topics on the Rapid E-Learning Blog Resources, but you are required to review the above three. 
  • As well as the archived Collaborate session with Rod Trevino.

the Learning Blog was quite informative and generally contained good points. I do have to admit that I was probably most familiar with many of the tips the bloggers were making. When Tom Kuhlmann writes that we should "practice what you are learning" - that is exactly what I always try to do! It seems that is the only way it makes sense to me, when working or studying technology oriented materials/subjects. I can read all about history or geography and understand it perfectly fine, but when it comes to web design, computer programs and the like, I need it to be "hands on!" I did find some of the links to no longer be working in the Articulate Blog(s). I began downloading too many samples and templates as I went through the various articles and blogs.  As long as we keep that in mind - practicing what you are learning and ensuring that the instruction you develop allows the learners to do the same, then it will work. Sometimes that is hard to do - but worth working on it.


The "Section 508" presentation given in the archived Collaborate was extremely informative and quite enlightening. I will say I did feel overwhelmed with guilt that I had not thought, nor contemplated a number of questions that he put to us. I wondered if anybody happened upon my training and would have had no success in attempting to follow along because I had not addressed the concerns of the statute. I had a couple of questions that I did forward to Mr. Trevino as I hope to include this compliance in my projects from now on. I do hope to adapt my current work as well. Precisely the reaction I hoped you would have.  I had my eyes opened as well.


For my project presentation, I hope to improve and complete the edits on my training module, "An Introduction to Digital Portfolios." I believe that this work is important and vital to a number of individuals, because of a number of reasons. The adaption of digital record keeping has allowed the student to collect samples of their work, reflect on their academic progress as well as interact with their teachers and parents in a safe and streamlined manner. Teachers and parents need to understand the process of how electronic portfolios work as well as the students, and this training module can benefit each of these learners.  Excellent!

My progress will be documented under the subtitle: Project Revision Page





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