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Week 1 Reflection

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Week 1 Reflection




I completed all of the assigned tasks:

  • Check your Email to ensure you know how to get it and format
  • Request access to the course wiki           
  • Post photo and biographical sketch        
  • Set up working page to house content on your wiki 
  • Post the link to your working page and your email in course wiki opening page
  • Sign up for presentation date    
  • Set up your computer to run Collaborate


I read the syllabus, went through the class wiki and attended the EDTC 6329 Technology Orientation Overview. It seems like a lot of work, but I believe it is doable and probably extremely beneficial. I like the idea that I have a class where I can work to improve my training module, since I wanted to work on it, but can never find the time. Well, this is the assignment! :) 


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