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Project Revision Page

Page history last edited by Marie Lara 8 years, 6 months ago

EDTC 6329 Project Revision Page


Identified Project


Introduction to Digital Portfolios


Timeline for Revisions


Week 1 - Identify Project to be revised for 6329

Week 2 - Review course links & readings to identify possible strategies and techniques for modifying existing project

Week 3 - Begin project revision and identify one lesson for revision utilizing techniques from the instruction.

Week 4 - Finalize project changes and determine whether they meet criteria established by the syllabus

Week 5 - Class presentation


Week 1 Ideas


During the archived collaborate presentation, I realized I had not addressed any of these vital issues, Section 508 & Section 504 compliance. 


I worked with both Articulate Storyline and Articulate Studio 13 and enjoyed "playing" with the program before I realized maybe I should read the instructions and/or view the training.


Launch button


First drafts: http://projects.articulate-online.com/1842579485



Week 2 Ideas


This week I focused on the ideas presented in the Rapid E-Learning Blog, and the templates and examples that are a part of the Articulate community, forums and network. I spent a lot of time there. I enjoyed the different and new designs, that had a "purpose" like we were reading and talking about. The concept that we should focus on the actual goal of the training and not just the design is integral to the success of the project. One must remember that in order to be successful, I must be effective and create meaningful change in the learner.


Week 3 Ideas


This week as I reviewed my project and was thinking about the ideas from "The Training Magazine Network", I focused on the points Chief Instructional Strategist, Ethan Edwards made in his presentation, "Designing e-Learning for Maximum Motivation." I want to make sure my product has a  “Learning Path” that is meaningful,  achievable,  appealing, and that my learners are convinced that it includes a path to success! I also hope to effectively implement his “Six Rules to Create Motivation” within my project.

I spent additional time with the module I am working on and realize that I need to practice different techniques in order to effectively present my work. There seems to be a lot of potential in the Articulate product lines. I heard some back and forth in the video presentation about the product as well.


Week 4 Ideas


The first blog at "Vignettes Learning" entitled, "Are you Interpreting eLearning Data Correctly?", which includes the article segment in which "Malcom Gladwell compares data analysis to listening. The ability ”to listen” correctly to data is a skill all elearning facilitators and designers should possess. Of this, the author of the article writes:

 “Listening well is a gift. The ability to hear what someone says and not filter it through your own biases is an instinctive ability similar to having a photographic memory. And I think we have a great deal of trouble with people who have this gift. There is something about all of us that likes the fact that what we hear is filtered through someone's biases.”" Is extremely profound and important to me. Like many of those "Ah ha" moments - it may be the simplest of ideas or the idea to simplify your thinking that brings you to a successful conclusion, or that turning point. The all important turning point. Instead of struggling with frustration, embrace that which is the initial point of the whole task.

In taking this aspect to heart, I hope to look at my project with a fresh look, to insure I have not digressed from the initial focus. I need to make sure that I have not gone to inserting too many "bells and whistles" and gotten further from the purpose, which is to engage and educate.

I also enjoyed and appreciated the entry, "Accelerating eLearning by Focusing on Context" because I believe it is applicable to what I am attempting to accomplish.


Week 5 Ideas


The presentations given by my fellow students inspired me to further my practice of working in Articulate Storyline. I also received a link to instructions on uploading the standard HTML output on a web page, and some other instructions I could never find in the Rapid E-Learning Blog, despite that I searched and searched for them. A student told me that it took her a week to figure it out! I am grateful she shared her source, I was getting frustrated. Another student provided a link to some neat designs he incorporated into his design that I am going to try in my module. I will incorporate this work if it remains seamless and natural to the instruction.


Final Revisions/Final Project






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